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Welcome to the website of Hess Taxidermy.  Located in beautiful Benton, PA.  I have been in business since 2003, with many satisfied customers.

I am a proud member of the Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association, and I am State and Federally licensed.  

Here at Hess Taxidermy I use the most up-to-date mounting techniques.  I do all my own tanning, so each clients piece is cared for in the best possible way.  Every year I attend the Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association Convention and the Eastern Regional Taxidermy Convention.  I attend many seminars to learn new techniques for mammals, birds, and fish.  I have also entered mounts in competitions and have won numerous awards. In 2008 I won Best Whitetail Shoulder mount at the Eastern Regional's with the deer pictured to the left.


I specialize mainly in whitetails and mammals.  I also greatly enjoy mounting birds, because of all the unique and beautiful poses that can be done with them.  I enjoy doing fish too, and very close attention is given to the painting aspect, which brings the fish "back to life".

One of my favorite aspects of each piece, is the habitat.  Each habitat I make is a custom designed piece, so each clients mount is unique.

To some people taxidermy is just a way to have their antlers displayed nicely on the wall.  To me, taxidermy is an art, I do my very best with every piece that is brought through my door to make it a piece of art.  Taxidermy is a very good way to preserve your hunting and fishing memories for a lifetime.


"The bitterness of poor quality 

remains long after the sweetness of

                  low price is forgotten"                                                             -Benjamin Franklin


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Hess Taxidermy

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Hours:  Open anytime that is good for the client, just make sure to call ahead. 




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